#NewMusic: “Cake” – Rihanna (ft. Chris Brown) 2012

Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together, musically speaking.

Two songs featuring the singers hit the Internet on Monday. Brown sings on the remix of Rihanna’s sexually charged song “Birthday Cake,” and she’s on the remix of his upbeat tune “Turn Up the Music.” Brown tweeted a link to the new version of “Turn Up the Music” on Monday, and Rihanna later retweeted it. She also tweeted about the remix for “Birthday Cake.”

The two singers first collaborated musically in 2007 on the remix to her monster hit “Umbrella.”

Brown also tweeted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN” to Rihanna, who turned 24 on Monday.

A representative for Rihanna said she had no comment. An email seeking comment from Brown’s representatives went unreturned Monday.

In My Opinion: This whole going against the grain thing is great. Not supporting the wrong of Chris Brown, but how can we say that we are son and daughters of God and we can’t learn to forgive and move on. Both of these individuals are at the height of their career so of where they left off., and I believe they wanted to pick back up and continue what they started. This isn’t about the media, this is about two great artist doing WHAT THEY WANT TO DO!. We can’t forget “Artist are people too”.  If you don’t agree with it, don’t support it, but if you are a lover of music how can you not love these two. I Don’t think Riri Should forget, but I’m glad she forgave.

What are your feelings on the new collaboration?

Should there be a video with the two of them for the remixes?

Click Link  Below To Listen To Latest Remix!

Rihanna ft. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake (Remix)

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