Young Money has a Debit Card! – NOW U CAN HAVE YOUNG MULA BABBBY!

Lil Wayne continues to grow his business by tapping into the Debit card business. Today He announced the Young Money Discover debit card. This is a very good business move for Wayne, but is it a smart move for you to use it? 

If you are considering using this card, make sure you read the fine print… some of his card fees such as the $4.95 per load fee are a bit too high compared to other companies. For example… If you put $10 on the Young Money card you have to pay a extra $4.95 on top of the $10. That can get costly. 

There are other available debit card options such as the Nexis Card and others that will only charge you $2.00 or less as a reload fee. With a recession going on, now days every penny counts… Check out some of the Young Money card fees below. 

One Time Purchase Fee $6.95 per card (deducted from your first load) 
Reload Fee $4.95 per load 
Monthly Maintenance Fee $3.95 per card per month 
ATM Withdrawal Fee $2.00 per transaction for domestic 


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