Chris Brown Returns His Thanks to Girl Who Found His Watch at VMA’s

After losing his $22,000 Rolex in a sea of audience members at the VMAs, and having it returned by a fan, Chris Brown vowed to reward the fan for her honesty.

Good to his word, Breezy did just that. The singer rolled through the fan’s hometown of Cincinnati last night and gave the girl, Alisha, two great seats for his show at the Riverbend Music Center. He also met with her face to face to express his gratitude, and even invited the lucky fan to join him and his entourage for some cake.

My thoughts on this specific situation being that I work with artist day in and day out, a lot say that Chris needed to do more to equal the amount of his watch however he gave her more than that. Giving her his time was costing Chris more than that watch could ever cost him. on average chris brown is somewhere worth almost 200k per show…the watch was 22k…..if you don’t mind me saying….he gave her well over what she deserved but then again who are we to say what she deserved…he gave her an experience well over 200k. and they both stood to their words and were noble and mature about the situation. WAY TO GO BREEZY…


You can catch breezy in Baltimore on this Wednesday on his imfamous F.A.M.E. tour including Kelly Rowland, T-Pain and Tyga


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