Beyonce Tells Her On Stage Tricks and Some of Her Dislikes About Herself

Last week, Beyonce was back in London to tape an ITV special ‘A Night With Beyonce’, but which was cut short when she lost her voice. Beyonce performed some of her biggest songs, ‘Single Ladies’, ‘Crazy In Love’, ‘Halo’, as well as hits from her new album, ’4′. The hour-long special was cut short with ‘Countdown’ being her last song due to “lack of rest”.

During her set, Beyonce revealed some intimate things about her performance, and some of her insecurities. Who Knew? Find out what they are, after the jump.


If you ever been to a Beyonce show or seen her perform, you see her hair always blowing in the wind as she approaches the edge of the stage. That in’ts Queen King B being fancy with the machines.

She explains: Everyone thinks I have the fans (wind machines) because I’m being fashionable, but I work so hard on stage if I didn’t have them I’d be dripping.

One gross thing you may see while Beyonce’s on stage:
My nose runs a lot and when I’m singing I can’t blow it, so there have been occassions when I’ve ended up with a ‘bubble’ coming out of my nose.

If Beyonce could change parts of her body:

It would be my feet. After all these years dancing they’re a little beat up. And I wear big earrings because I don’t like my ears.

A Night With Beyonce is set to air later this year in the UK.

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