Nicki Minaj tells fib on Assault Between her and “S.B.”

Nicki Minaj

TMZ has uncovered new evidence to support its reporting that Nicki Minaj was the victim in a reported assault at a hotel in Dallas on Monday (July 11). The celebrity news website published a copy of the police report online, detailing the Dallas Police Department’s official version of events and corroborating much of the original story. Yesterday, Minaj took to Twitter and denied that she had been assaulted, alleging that TMZ had made the story up.

“The media could pee on ur leg & tell u its raining. You’d believe it. You’d believe u were an adopted martian if TMZ told u so,” she tweeted.

According to the police report, Minaj was struck in the mouth by a briefcase being wielded by her assistantSafaree “SB” Samuels as the two were having a disagreement. The hip hop star’s lip was slightly cut in the exchange, but when the cops arrived, she decided not to press charges and the case was dropped.

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