Exclusive: DMX to be released in a few weeks + DMX says “I Don’t Like Drake” + Airs out Jay-Z

With DMX being released in a few more weeks, DMX has plans to regain his name and his fame…..In an interview from jail, he has express a dislike for Canadian Rapper “Drake” directly from the horses mouth along with a few ill feelings towards Jay-Z

When asked about Jay-Z, X Quotes….

“I’ve not talked to him yet, since” DMX told VIBE in an exclusive interview. “But I had a show November 18th, before I got locked up–No November 12th I had the show. And somebody in the crowd was like ‘What’s up with Jay-Z’ and I was like ‘F–k Jay-Z’. And it ended up all over the place. So he called Swizz [Beatz], Swizz called me, and he tells Swizz ‘Yoo, why your man dissin me? I was gonna do a song with him’–Coulda, woulda, shoulda. F–king bulls–t. I don’t wanna hear that s–t. And like ‘Yo, can you just get him to say he ain’t mean it’–NO! I’m not saying that. What I did say is if he wanna talk to me, I’m man enough to let him know why it’s ‘F–k You’, but it’s still ‘F–k You’! That’s what it is. I’ll let you know why, I can do that. It ain’t like you gotta worry about me running up on you shooting you. It ain’t that serious. You don’t owe me nothing. But if you want an explanation as to why it’s ‘F–k You’, I’ll be more than happy to tell you why.”

When asked about Drake, X Quotes…

“I don’t like Drake,” DMX says directly. “It’s nothing that he did to me, He actually is talented. He’s very talented.” “Yeah, I don’t like him. It ain’t nothing personal. I don’t like his stuff. He is talented. He has a little wordplay here and there, but when I see him and hear him it’s like — ‘Money, I’m not rockin with that.”

It’s not known if the feeling is mutual.

P.S. Now this is a lesson everyone needs to take in Realness 101…You don’t have to beef with a dude to dislike someone….He gave him props and he also expressed his dislike and kept it moving…..



P.S. I think DMX should be where 50 cent is right now….I can’t take 50 seriously…

that was a side note

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