Beyonce’s Label Shaking In Fear That This Album May Do Poor Sale Numbers

Columbia Records executives fear that Beyonce’s new album, “4,” could be a dud after she refused to return to the studio to re-record new tracks, the New York Post reported Wednesday, citing sources.

“They’re very nervous about Beyonce’s new record,” an industry insider said. “It doesn’t have the hit songs that her fans are used to. They asked her to make changes, but she said no.”

Bracing for the worst, Columbia suits were strategizing in case of slower sales and had “quiet discussions” about the reunion of Destiny’s Child.

“Beyonce’s career has stalled a bit,” a source said. “Columbia seems to think they can get some mileage out of a comeback record with all of the girls.”

Another source said that Destiny’s Child could start recording together as early as October, with a suggested album title “Family Reunion.”

But Kelly Rowland might not be eager to join forces again. A source said, “She has her own solo career now — why would she want to be singing backup for Beyonce?”

A Columbia rep said, “All I know is that the record came in … Nothing was ever discussed to change it.”

Beyonce’s rep added, “All of this is completely untrue. All of it.”

Rowland’s rep did not return a request for comment.


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