Will Beyonce Be Able To Cope With Kelly’s Rise to Her Spot?

There have long been whispers about the state of the friendship between former Destiny’s Child members, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles. For years the fame machine has been focused Beyonce, and while Kelly has happily doted on her soul sister, the pendulum is definitely swinging her way. “Kelly is coming into her own as an artist,” says an industry insider.

It seems true. Over the last few years the stunning singer has experienced major success abroad, had a little work done (tasteful breast implants) and has been hanging tough with new superstar friends (think La La Vasquez, Serena Williams, The Kardashian clan). Through it all her newlywed bestie hasn’t really been in the mix. With Kelly’s song “Motiviation” eclipsing Beyonce’s “Run the World” — and all the flack B’s getting about her recent work in general — people are wondering whether the two will maintain their sister act.

Few can imagine Beyonce doing video cameos, and leaving her rap star hubby to roll with her girl. Furthermore, many think the superstar’s time will be spent cobbling marketing and video treatment packages for an album that seems to lack luster musically. So the question remains, can Beyonce deal with — and support — Kelly’s ascension to the top.
Only time will tell.

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