Tami Roman Needs Jesus….Or Professional Help….Is There A Doctor In The House?

We understand anger.


Who wouldn’t be upset after losing their multi-million dollar earning husband, their home and public adoration? We get it. Still, it’s been more than 10 years since Tami Roman split with her basketball superstar ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, yet she still reeks of the bitterness, hostility and jealousy of a newly disposed of wife. It’s sad to see the former star of “The Real World” give every swagged up “Basketball Wives” co-star the same ultimatum, get down or lay down. WhileEvelyn Lozada is the show’s resident mean girl, Roman is definitely the bully.


Watching a 40-something year-old woman threaten to beat down every female who doesn’t hail to her ridiculous manifestos, such as “being real” on a show where you get more screen time for backstabbing is great television, but also painfully embarrassing. Throwing shade — or even drinks — is one thing. Punching, smacking and intimidating seems savage. It also reads as pathetic. After hearing Roman reflect on her fly girl days, lament on all she lost and gush over her admiration for Lozada’s “Queen Bee” of the mean girls status, most would deduce she’s jealous. She envies those women who had their “G” up, refused to sign away their rights in pre-ups and kept it right and tight. There’s just one little flaw in her reasoning: The only person she should be upset with is herself.


Even back in her “Real World” days Roman talked about wanting a baller. She knew the risks of entering such a lifestyle. “Get’em girls” need a plan B. We all know how the playboys roll. They cheat. They hustle. They leave. It was her job to protect herself. Roman’s externalized sadness, a.k.a. aggression, is getting old. Plus, it may result in her losing her only meal ticket. Instead of giving Tyler Perry free fodder for his next “Madea” flick, Roman should stay in the gym and continue to work on her wardrobe — or consider wiring her mouth shut again. If not, she may end up with some heavy metal wires around her wrists. After all, she is a beautiful woman who has two daughters watching and taking notes. Oh yeah, and lets not forget what tends to happen to bullies on playgrounds…they usually get jumped or whooped after messing with the wrong one.


Don’t fret Tami Roman. There is still hope for another happily ever after, filled with a sugar daddy just for you — he may have a bit of a belly and a receding hairline, but his pockets will be lined. Just stop the violence. Unleash your inner zen — or ho. After all, doing the latter did help Lozada catch Chad Ochocinco…


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