Gabby & Wade #Winning

Although the Miami Heat took a big loss last night in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, we still think that Dwyane Wade is the luckiest man in the world. Wanna know why? Two words: Gabrielle Union.

She is the epitome of beauty, grace, style, class and everything in between. She is absolutely beautiful and has a smile that won’t quit. Even after losing a big game in the finals, Dwyane Wade should be thankful that he has such a strong and sexy woman to come home to.

abrielle Union has continued to show her strength, especially after going through the extreme tragedy of being raped when she was 19. Gabrielle has used that negative and turned it into a positive by being the voice for other victims and teaching them that they are not alone and can get through this.

EXCLUSIVE: When I Was 19 Years Old, I Was Raped

“That’s why I now lobby for state legislatures across the country and the federal government to help raise funds and awareness for rape crisis centers, and I speak to all different kinds of people across the country about what happened to me. My goal is to never hear the words ‘me too’ from someone after I say ‘I was raped,” Gabby exclaimed.

STORY:Gabrielle Union Backs Up Rihanna “I Tried To Shoot My Rapist”

Gabrielle Union is a true survivor and Dwyane Wade is lucky to have her. Gabrielle has been seen in the stands cheering for her man on more than one occasion and we love it. The two seem to be happy and very much in love. So don’t worry D-Wade, even if Dallas wipes the floor with the Heat, you still win the ultimate title and that’s Gabby.

Click next to see Gabrielle Union cheering her man on in the Finals.

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