Beyonce’s Swagger Jacks Billboard Performance From Lorella Cuccarini

When I first saw this performance, I had the urge that I’ve seen this before. I kept saying to myself and other, Looks like the Swag styling of National Recording Artist and Baltimore Native Rye Rye or National Recording Artist M.I.A.. I honestly saw nothing original from the jump, but I kinda thought I was the only one who felt like this, with all the other blogs hooping and cheering Beyonce on for a job well done. I was eager to find where I saw this upgraded version of DE JA VU!….

It Hit Me, Lorella Cuccarini in 2010 did the same performance for Billboard last year,  with almost the same styling and imaging as Beyonce did in her “Stellar Performance” for 2011 billboard music awards.

I guess it’s safe to say, “Great Artist Steal….GoodArtist Borrow”

Or Should we just take this as Beyonce was “Inspired”? (Sarcasm) o___0

(Side Note) Who Run The World….Squirrels

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