Thanks to Jay-Z’s 10-year $150 million Live Nation deal he’s raking in the dough!

Beyonce has “run the world” in the Carter household for the past three years, but Jay stepped in as the breadwinner in the past year, raking in $37 million. Beyonce’s $35 million is not a paltry salary by any means, but it is quite a feat for Jay to outrank his superstar wife’s earnings. In addition to his lucrative deal with Live Nation, he is gaining income from his stake in several companies as well as his 40/40 club in New York.

Beyonce is still bringing in money from endorsements outside of her music career with companies like L’Oreal, DirecTV and General Mills to name a few. However she saw a dip in her earnings this year, mostly due in part to being in between albums. She earned $87 million last year due to heavy touring and big album sales. Jay-Z’s earnings also dipped below his $63 million he made last year. Once “Watch the Throne” is released, he should see a big spike in his already massive income.

Any thoughts on the Carter’s paychecks?

Source: Forbes.com

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