Stephon Hill of BET Explains Nominee Selection Process for BET 11′

He broke down all the questions people have been asking since the nominations were released.

Trina didn’t hide her feelings when she was snubbed for an award and Nicki Minaj stuck by her side along with countless celebs and friends who were confused about BET’s thought process for this year’s awards. President of Music Programming and Specials, Stephen Hill, spoke out on the concerns that people have been voicing as of late. He explained that Trina didn’t submit a video that was played on the network in the timeline to be considered for nomination this year, which is April 2010-March 2011.

He also said the “best female rapper” category was “aspirational” category, one that Nicki Minaj will immanently win. Hill said they didn’t scrap the category this year, “because one day down the line it’s going to be filled just like the men.” Even if there are NO nominees.

J. Cole was compared to Nicki during this conference, because he was nominated for “Best New Artist” even though he doesn’t have an album out, like Minaj last year. Hill said that Cole was considered, because he released a video in the year period of eligibility.

Hill said ultimately it’s the fans, bloggers, music industry pros and writers that nominate these people.

Do you agree with Stephen Hill’s logic?


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