Baltimore Rap Artist “Caddy Da Don” and “King Midas” Sets A New Tone For The World!

Caddy Da Don is giving the world pieces of himself and lifestyle through his new single “Grindin’ On Me” featuring Producer/Artist “King Midas”, Im definitely not sleeping on this track, when it first hit I thought it was a new Jamie Foxx joint, but when i finally realized it was an artist from my hometown, I quickly got excited about it. This is definitely radio worthy, I officially deem this song the single of the summer. The DMV needs to definitely PAY ATTENTION!!!

I couldn’t find a site where i could get the song to let you guys hear it, but definitely if anyone apart of

Caddy’s management reads this Shoot me a DJ service pack, Shoot WE’LL HELP PROMOTE THIS!!!

signing off , Master Monkey

Email The Master Monkey at

Heres where you can actually hear his single, on Reverb, Click Below

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